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Since the 1980s we have offered our customers a wide range of solutions for SMATV and cable-tv network and quickly earned a reputation as a high quality supplier. Our long experience in the field allows us to provide you with the right solution for your every need. We have extensive knowledge and skills and we focus on the needs of the individual customer. Since 2009, RF-Tuote Oy has been part of the Axing Group.

Flexibility – customer specific applications

We develop our products in close co-operation with our customers in order to ensure that the product meets all our customers requirements. All our solutions are based on reliability, quality, functionality and design. Due to our flexible organisation we are able to quickly react to new technical changes and develop customer specific applications. We are also known for top-quality solutions in technically challenging enrivonments, such as cruise ships.

Technical expertise – global connections

RF operates globally with importers from Scandinavia to Far East. We monitor closely the changes in the international market through our connections to our customers, technical research centres and universities. RF continues to develop its operations together with customers. With our expertise and flexible operations we can offer competitive solutions. The transition to digital and other technical challenges in the future make our lives interesting and keep us alert: we are determined to research and to provide the best techologies available.