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Amplifiers and Repeaters

On the right track

From terrestrial multi-range amplifiers and SAT IF amplifiers to bi-directional amplifier technology for HFC networks, AXING offers a wide range of products tailored to the latest digital requirements.

Thanks to this product range, Axing is the certified supplier of important German network operators.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Bi-directional amplifier technology for HFC networks
  • Optical nodes
  • Completely pre-assembled CATV mounting cabinets
  • Multiband amplifiers/SAT-IF amplifiers


Programmable MATV amplifier

TVS 31-02

HD ready MATV headend with adjustable filters with LTE 694MHz input filters

TVS 31-01

HD ready MATV headend with adjustable filters


Small size, low cost catv distribution amplifier

BVS 15-68

Small size D3 amplifier

BVS 20-47

CATV amplifier

BVS 20-66

Remote CATV Amplifier

BVS 14-69

CATV amplifier

BVS 14-66

Remote CATV Amplifier

Pro FM-75

FM repeater / gapfiller