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Configuration, maintenance, updates, failure analysis

AXING ensures with its SMARTPortal an easy remote access on web configuration surfaces of its headends and middleware servers of the IPTVSolutions. With AXING’s SMARTPortal a worldwide configuration of all settings or software updates can be ensured. Long travel time to the installation location are not necessary anymore. On customer request AXING can provide the necessary support.

Secure and encoded connection

AXING headends and middleware servers of the IPTVSolutions ensure a continuous secure and encoded connection to the AXING
SMARTPortal. Only requirement on site is an internet connection (e. g. via LAN, EoC, EoC-WLAN-Bridge, 3G/LTE-Router). There is no complicated configuration of a router and no additional software for the local computer needed.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Fast and easy support
  • Configuration, installation of updates and monitoring of all integrated devices remotelys
  • Overview of all installed devices at a glance
  • Sorted by installation location, device type, status etc.

Further informations:

Link to SMARTPortal